When I came into work today I turned the corner to come down the hall to the Kickin' Country Studio and  I saw the plastic sheets hung from the ceiling and wall. I thought for a moment that it looked a bit like a cleanup scene after a grisly murder, the kind you might see on the television hit series The Blacklist.

For a moment I imagined that Raymond 'Red' Reddington had came in and took care of business the way he knows best. Then, the reality of a regular Thursday in December in the sleepy little town of Sioux Falls, South Dakota sunk in.

That's the problem with TV or reading too many Stephen King books. It gets you thinking things like that. Actually there are workers fixing some of the drywall in the building before an upcoming paint job. Actually this is one time that I was alright with it being an otherwise 'normal' day at work at Results Radio.

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