Wrangler Jeans has unveiled their new line of denim that has even the biggest fans of the jeans a little curious. Welcome to Wrangler's new Denim Spa jean. For around $136, the jeans come with naturally infused moisturizers to keep your skin from getting that "dry denim skin."

I asked my wife if she has ever had "dry denim skin syndrome" to which she replied, "no." I hope that's the strangest question I ask her today.

It is available in three varieties (Aloe Vera, Olive Extract and Smooth Legs), the jeans' hydrating effects supposedly last about 15 days, at which time, you can purchase a reload spray.

This sounds like too much work (and money) to put into jeans. But I will say, Mick Jagger's model daughter, Lizzie, makes them look pretty good.