If you're a vertically-challenged woman, like me, the answer to the above question is another question. "What trend? I've been wearing 'puddle pants' all my life!"

In case you're wondering, "Puddle Pants" have become a new trend according to the lifestyle website Pure Wow. In fact, a trend being embraced by multiple fashion houses/clothing manufacturers and celebrities-  like the newly-installed "Princess of Wales", Kate Middleton.

What are "Puddle Pants"?

They are, as their name implies, pants that puddle around your ankles, or in my case, (and every height-challenged woman's case) pants that drag through puddles because they are too long!

According to some sources in the Pure Wow article, it has everything to do with the shoes you pair your puddle pants with. (Now there's a phrase I never thought I'd use!). The shoes can take you from forgetting (or hating) to hem your pants, to high fashion.


Here's the thing. I've been wearing puddle pants forever. When my mom stopped hemming my jeans in high school, the puddle pants trend began for me. I only stopped dragging my pants through the dirt under my feet a few years ago, when I started rolling them over.


Because, when you're a woman in your extremely late 30s, it is not becoming to trip over your "puddle pants" and fall on your face more than once- - maybe twice.

So you could say that- - "that was the end of Pairing Perfect Platforms with "Puddle Pants" for Patty"!

Source: Pure Wow

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