At the end of 2012 we heard that Hostess, the maker of Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Sno-Balls, and our beloved Wonder Bread was filing for bankruptcy. Now we had two things to worry about: Mayan predictions AND iconic baked goods.

Plus, without Wonder Bread bags, what are kids putting in their winter boots to keep their socks dry? Note for the younger generation: 1970's winter boot technology sucked. Our feet were cold and wet withing 6 minutes. Enter mom with a couple of Wonder Bread bags to put over our socks. It may not have looked very cool at school but our feet had a lovely bakery-fresh aroma.

The company just had to survive. It was a harrowing few months but news has broken that the bankrupt bakery company Hostess Brands has struck a deal with Flower Foods, Inc. to sell its adored bread brand for $390 million.

Hostess announced buyers for its famed dessert cakes like Twinkies and Devil Dogs and they are hitting the store shelves soon. Who cares? You can't get a Twinkie wrapper on your feet, anyway.

But for now, that fluffy, flavorless loaf of air is not going anywhere. This could be the best day...ever.






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