Every year, whether she has a show on network TV, or not, Oprah seems to grab national attention with her "favorite things" list. When she was the Queen of daytime TV, she would reveal her favorite new items for the holidays and give them to her in-studio audience.

There is a little envy on my part as I could never seem to get those tickets to her show. It must've been that background check into what is now known as the "I-Hate-Winter-Party-Pants-Incident" in Aberdeen back in 1991.

Well, just groovy, but I didn't think Oprah should have all the fun this year. With the end of the year, and possible a Mayan apocalypse coming at us like a Burlington/Northern train on a weekend bender, I thought I'd let you in on some of my favorite things.

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1. Erdinger beer: Funny name, outstanding lager. In my humble opinion, the best beer...ever. Tough to find around here, though. If you know who carries it, let me know and I'll share one (or six) with you. ($35 / 12 - 16oz. bottles)


Christmas Story movie

2. A Christmas Story Leg Lamp: Not only one of the funniest movie scenes in all of movie history, a very useful and sexy way to light the living room this holiday season! From my own experience, guys, it doesn't get the wife's approval the first time you bring it up but be stay on it and you'll soon have the neighbors talking. Get yours today! ($39)


Golf Club Beer Dispenser

3. Golf Club Beer Dispenser: Giggety. Just fill it with Erdinger and have a "round" with your buddies you'll never forget. Yours for just $64.99.


Kindle Fire HD

4. Kindle Fire HD: I'm an avid reader and love a good page-turner. The library and paperbacks are always a good option but for convenience and travel I like the Kindle Fire HD. Wicked fast on all social media and a brilliant screen picture. You'll be amazed at how many great books and magazines you can download for free. The Kindle is not free, but reasonable at $199.


Warner Home Video

5. True Romance Blu-Ray: One of my favorite movies of all-time. An amazing cast directed by Quentin Tarantino will give you 121 minutes of non-stop fun. It features one of the best scenes in all of cinema with Christopher Walken contemplating the fate of Dennis Hopper. Classic at $19.95!




6. Vinderpants: Underwear for your wine bottle? Why not? You just bought that bottle of expensive wine for the holidays but you do realize it's naked...right? Keep your grapes cool with new Vinderpants. I simply cannot come to your New years party if your champagne isn't wearing tighty-whities. ($9)


hunky Hanes t-shirt

7. Tagless Hanes V-Neck Tee Shirt: My wife, Heather, insisted I add this to my favorite things list. No more itchy tags and collars that don't wrinkle...it's my favorite undershirt. By the way, I'm sure I look exactly like the chiseled dude in the picture while wearing the tee. Well, almost.



Fossil Collection

8. Fossil Watch: I love watches. I've heard that with every cell phone having a clock on it, wristwatches will soon be a thing of the past. I humbly disagree. Fossil watches are stylish and durable.  I got my first Fossil watch a few years back for a Father's Day gift. It's now my favorite timepiece. $149

Logitech-remote-harmony 650

9. Logitech-remote-harmony 650: Sick of all those remotes on your coffee table? I was, too! The PC- and Mac-programmable Harmony 650 will replace five of them, and bring sanity to your living room. Truly the coolest universal remote for around $70.



Zac Brown Band

10. Zac Brown Band "Uncaged" CD: I knew immediately when I heard "Goodbye in Her Eyes" that I would like the entire CD. It's jazzy, sexy, and incredibly soulful. "Uncaged" offers a few island flavored tracks that goes really good with a mojito and an adirondack chair. ZBB was put on this earth to write songs that make you think. It goes down as my favorite country CD of 2012. ($12.99)