A woman took to Reddit explaining she was forced to pull out as Maid of Honor for her sister's upcoming wedding after learning her two kids and boyfriend had been uninvited to the ceremony, simply because she's unmarried.

"Her wedding is in 2 weeks time. I was meant to be a Maid of Honor and had my final dress fitting and everything about a week ago. Because I'm her only sister, the bride said she couldn't imagine anyone else wearing the Maid of Honor dress," the woman wrote via Reddit.

She had planned to attend until she found out her sister had banned her kids and partner from attending the wedding.

"Last week I found out that neither my boyfriend nor my twins are invited to the wedding as my sister has canceled their invitations (the wedding is not child free since her kids and our nephews and nieces are going to be there). When I have asked her what is wrong she said she doesn't feel comfortable having my boyfriend at her wedding because we are still not married and since the twins were born outside of marriage, they can't come in too," the woman continued.

The mom-of-two was furious. In an ironic twist, she shared that the bride also has children "out of wedlock" from a previous relationship.

"She said she 'understood her sins and is working to redeem them,' but her word is final. So me along with a few other bridesmaids have pulled out from the wedding and told her we will not be coming since she decided to uninvite our boyfriends and kids," she shared.

The woman added she "will not be giving back" her Maid of Honor dress since she "paid for it."

In the comments section, users supported the woman, agreeing the sister was in the wrong for uninviting the woman's kids and boyfriend.

"Who does this? Did she have a sudden religious extremist awakening a couple of weeks before the wedding? I hope her religious faith is enough for her to sustain major loss in her life. Her judgmental nature is going to ruin a lot more than her wedding. She'll no longer have family and friends left either," one person wrote.

"That’s cruel of her. Especially to uninvite at the last minute," another wrote.

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