A couple's future has been left hanging in the balance after they shockingly found out they are actually brother and sister.

On Reddit, the woman in the relationship shared that despite the two having enjoyed six years of relationship bliss, doing "everything" a couple does, she's been left devastated after taking a DNA test.

"I am 30 and my brother is 32. I'm just going to call him my boyfriend for the majority of the time while I type this. I feel weird about this. I was adopted as a baby but I didn't know that I was adopted until I was in high school," she wrote via Reddit.

"I didn't feel betrayed or care much. I love my parents and my parents love me. Who cares if they aren't my real parents. My boyfriend was also adopted and when we met it was one of the things we sort of bonded over. We both didn't learn we were adopted until high school and we both were lucky and had good families. We weren't passed around from foster home to foster home," she continued.

The woman explained her relationship with her boyfriend is "great," and the two were immediately "attracted" to each other when they first met.

"I've never met someone and felt immediate attraction and familiarity," she explained. "Now I know that the comfort and familiarity is because he's my brother. Not my half-brother. He is my full brother. We've done everything a couple that has been together for 6 years could do. We've said we love each other, we've had sex, we've celebrated anniversaries, we've met each other's families. I'm just glad we both agreed early on that we don't want to have kids so that has never happened. I don't want to deal with the health risks and have to raise a child and them know that their parents are siblings."

She noted she discovered they were siblings when they did a "DNA test" to see their "ancestry."

"I ordered two for us, we spit in the tube, and sent it out. It took like a month for the results to come back and I was excited to see what we were but before I could even get to that ... I saw that we were siblings. I was SHOCKED to say the least. I only just found out this information and I haven't told my boyfriend. I'm really hoping they made a mistake but things are kind of starting to make sense to me now," she explained.

They woman added they have always heard remarks from other people that they resemble each other and that her boyfriend is the "male version" of her.

"Long before this test we've always gotten compared," she continued. "We always just laughed it off but I have spent the morning looking at pictures of us together and realizing that we really do look so alike. It's freaking me out and I don't know what I should do. I still love my boyfriend/brother and we have been together for 6 years. We have a house together and a whole comfortable life. I'm hoping that this test is wrong and will do a real test soon but I'm panicking. I still see him as the love of my life."

In a follow-up she shared she finally told her partner. "I posted this the other day but since then I showed him the results and he realized that we're siblings. He doesn't want to freak out or make any big decisions until we get a real test somewhere. But I can tell he is freaked out and it was odd laying in bed next to him," she wrote.

In the comments section, users were shocked by her story. However, many suggested the pair stay together.

"I know people will be disgusted by this. But in my opinion, as long as you don't get children, I'm not sure I see the problem? I mean, you didn't grow up together, and have already been together for that long. If DNA testing wasn't as available as it is today, you would never have known, right?" one person wrote.

"6 years already, y’all did everything a couple could. Throw the test away, don’t tell anyone, and live as if you didn’t know. If you want children later you can have a surrogate," another commented.

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