You really think we'd have a shot hosting the Winter Olympics here in Sioux Falls? Chances are slim I know. But IF we could choose just a few events what would you like to see?

As the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang begin millions will be glued to their TV's and mobile devices keeping up with their favorite events. Ice events or on the slopes. Precision and speed.

As I write this I'm seeing a really good snowfall out my window.

If you could choose to bring an Olympic event to Sioux Falls which ones do you thing would have the best chance?

  • Curling-We have indoor ice
  • Hockey-See above
  • Figure Skating-Again see above
  • Alpine Skiing-Elevation at Great Bear Recreation is 1,530 feet
  • Cross Country and Nordic Skiing-South Dakota is really flat, no hills to battle
  • Biathlon-Skiing and guns-Of course

So it's not totally out of the question right?

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