Wintertime is tough on a lot of things. Anything that spends any amount of time outside is vulnerable.

As most of you know I'm not the handiest knife in the drawer when it comes to fixing things or, well, replacing wiper blades.

Knowing that, I took off to Sturdevants here in Sioux Falls. I headed across town for to the Louise store for good reason. I knew there was an outside chance that someone might be willing to help me put them on.

I went into the the store and told the guy what I wanted. We picked out a set for my car and my wife's vehicle. I thought if I got two sets I might get more help.

I was right. I mentioned that I was pretty challenged when I put them on, and he said I'll put them on for you.

His name is Churney. He was awesome. "Click Click, Pop, Pop," done. I mentioned that should be easy on my wife's vehicle and he warned, it might be different. I replied 'if it is can I bring it by and have you do them too?' He said, sure.

Long story short, I was back by the store within an hour and now have wipers on my wife's vehicle and mine. And they work great!

How about you? Do you have any simple tasks that you have trouble with and would rather have someone do it right, the first time? If you do, let me know.

You can email me anytime.

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