Kickin Country Is Teaming Up With Vern Eide Motoplex to put you on a Brand New 2022 Polaris RZRr XP 1000 Sport!

You could be attacking tricky terrain or revving it up to tackle work on the far. It's super easy to win this sweet new ride.

Thanks to everyone who entered to win this awesome prize! We are in the process of drawing 'qualifiers' and sending them details in the mail on how they could win the RZR and some of our other awesome prizes.

attachment-Win This 2022 Polaris Razor XP 1000 Sport With The New 99-1 And 100.5, Kickin’ Country


There will also be other prizes given out that day.

The Kickin’ Country 2022 RZR Sport Sweepstakes, From Vern Eide Moto Plex And The New 99-1 And 100.5, Kickin’ Country!

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