Look around and you'll see hints of fall everywhere. Cooler temperatures in the morning, trees are changing color and yes, those pesky flies are trying to find a spot in a warmer house as well! Fall is about to make its appearance and one of the highlights is tonight's full moon or The Harvest Moon.

The full moon is known as the harvest moon as it traditionally gave farmers more time to harvest their summer-grown crows into the night will make its appearance Monday night, soon after sunset. Or, will it. A check of the weather from The National Weather Service says:

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Mostly cloudy, then gradually becoming mostly clear, with a low around 47. North northwest wind 5 to 15 mph.

So, we'll most likely see it, but it might not be until you take your dog out for a late-night walk around the block this evening.

This year's harvest moon will be the last of the summer season for those living in the Northern Hemisphere. They say it may seem bigger and brighter because this moon is physically closer to the horizon. It also might be especially orange.

It's been a good year for moons. We had a third full moon in august, otherwise known as a blue moon. So, tonight we'll see a harvest moon, October 20th the hunter's moon and November 19th the beaver moon, and December 18th the cold moon.

Get out tonight, and check it out, the Harvest Moon!

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