The National Parks in our country is one of the greatest gifts that we have for all to enjoy. Here in South Dakota, there are two; Badlands National Park and Wind Cave National Park. North Dakota has Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

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About 480 miles from Sioux Falls nestled along the Canadian border is Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota. If you are anywhere near International Falls just point yourself east. Those who have enjoyed the Boundary Waters know exactly where this is.

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But, did you know that Voyageurs is one of the least visited of the 63 National Parks? They can't all be a Great Smoky, Grand Canyon, Zion, or Yellowstone.

Some in the National Parks system are difficult to reach. Others are just plain undiscovered.

In a recent CNN article, the least visited of the 63 national parks is Gates of the Arctic National Park & Preserve with its latest figures showing only 7,362 visitors. Why? Mostly because of no roads, no trails, no cell service, and no established campsites. It's Alaska!

If you have yet to visit Voyagers National Park then you will be treated to a mix of hardwood forests, wetlands, and arctic watersheds. Plus, over 400 wildflower species.

With almost a quarter million acres to explore, Voyageurs is on my list to visit.


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