The invasion is well underway in Yellowstone National Park. Chaos and idiocy have descended on America's first national park. The stupidity levels are off the charts.

Tourist season has returned, and for every well-meaning, well-behaved visitor comes an equally ill-behaved touron.

They come with their selfie sticks and guidebooks, bearing careless attitudes and questionable IQs. They come in droves - seldom traveling solo. Their antics cause untold levels of havoc and disarray in Yellowstone. And often, their actions have extreme consequences for themselves and the wildlife of Yellowstone.

You would think after the first bison goring or 3rd Degree Burn from Old Faithful would have taught folks to behave in Yellowstone. But, no.

For some reason, some people think they are above the rules of Yellowstone National Park. They think they're Snow White and that the bison and elk will gallivant around the park with them like magical Disney critters.

When will they learn?

Not anytime soon. Last month, Yellowstone National Park saw an onslaught of idiotic tourists trying to test the park's limits. They harassed bears, annoyed bison, and even tried taking a dip in a boiling hot spring. And these are just the stupid moments we know about.

By this point, Wyoming locals expect stupidity to happen in Yellowstone. We trade dumb tourist stories like collectibles - and man, last month's touron set was quite the collection. Behold June's montage through idiocy at Yellowstone:

Play With the Elk, They Said. It'll Be Fun, They Said. (NOT!)

Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls...Seriously.

Stupid Travels Best in Groups.

Bison Close Ups = Close Calls.

Tourist Achieves Ultimate Goal of Becoming Ramen.

That's No Pooh-Bear, Folks.

#Mug Shot Ready.

Hot, Steaming Pile of Stupid.

Negligent Parenting at Its Finest.

Damage a Natural Treasure? Why Not?

Yellowstone Lake 1 / Car 0

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