Out for a walk on a beautiful Thursday afternoon and down the street from our home neighbors were gathering outside to take in the site of a few wilder neighbors. The wild being of fowl.

After a conversation with one woman, these seven had been lounging, snacking, and strolling through the back and front yards here in southwest Sioux Falls all day long. I guess the nice weather is too much for our turkey friends to stay in a more rural setting.

Nearby Lake Lorraine also provides a haven for geese as the numbers continue to grow. Around a thousand by my estimate are paddling freely each day and that number will grow as the colder weather moves in.

This is not uncommon. Before Lake Lorraine was developed I was live-trapping in my backyard on a regular basis. Raccoon, opossum, and the occasional skunk would be snared. And as always, Sioux Falls Animal Control is on speed dial.

As my daily commute to work is around 4:45 AM each day, I’ve seen my share of urban roaming animals. One that is memorable was a couple of years ago in the parking lot of Wendy’s at 41st Street and Louise Avenue where two deer were eating French fries.

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