Lunchbox from the Bobby Bones Show on Kickin' Country actually asked a grocery store to close.

@RadioLunchbox tried to pull his celebrity card with a grocery store. 😆

— Bobby Bones Show (@bobbybonesshowNovember 16, 2021

The reason? Lunchbox said that because he shares his opinion on the show on a regular basis, he feels "famous" enough to request that the store shut down whenever he comes in. That request went about as well as you might expect.

Morgan Number 2 has the rest of the story;

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Lunchbox was recently at the grocery store for a few items when he claims he was stopped by two different people asking him for a photo. So he called up a grocery store and told them about the situation. He asked if they would shut down the grocery store for him the next time he came in. The employee said they don't have a protocol for that kind of thing, but would make an exception for someone like Dolly Parton. However, the employee didn't recognize Lunchbox's voice or his name from the show, claiming he wasn't a big enough deal for them to add in that kind of protocol.

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