Have you noticed that there are tons of rabbits in Sioux Falls yards this winter? We have had a bunch of bunnies hanging out under our back deck ever since it started to get kinda cold. So every time we open the sliding deck door to let our dog out to do his “business” the bunnies bolt for the back fence and disappear into the neighbor's yard.

Our little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel used to give chase when he saw the bunnies. But ever since he put on his pandemic pounds he just stands there and looks the other way.

One special thing about having lots of bunnies in your yard is that you also have lots of bunny poo in your yard too. Bunny poo tends to get smashed into your puppy's paws and tracked into your house. There is a real ick factor to rabbit crap in your carpet.

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I did a quick google to find out what's with the large conference of cottontails around Sioux Falls this winter and found this out... “If you have rabbits around your yard this winter, it's probably because they've found a good food source nearby. For most homes, these food sources are leafy ornamental plants that are tall enough to remain visible even after snowfall.”

This can be a real problem for your plants and trees because those little rodents eat a lot and they can kill plants and young trees.

Well, there ya go. They are in our neighborhood for the smorgasbord. The article went on to say if you want to rid your yard of the pests you could A)-Put up a fence. Have that. B)-Make your garden less inviting. Don't have one. C)-Keep a dog in your yard. He's too fat and lazy.  ...Guess I'll have to see if I can buy a Condor.

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