I wasn't exactly thinking 'chicken wings' this morning at 6am but that is when I found this tasty little nugget in my Daily Almanac of Fun Stuff:

On this date in 1964 the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York first deep fried some chicken wings, rolled them around in hot sauce and served them on a plate to a bunch of hungry beer-drinkers.

Well, now that we know how they came to be, let's find out where to get the best wings. I asked that very question on our Facebook Page and we received a ton of great responses. So...who has the best?

According to our beloved hungry fans:

Lora: "BW3 blazin boneless are the best if you can stand the heat!"

Mindy: "Buffalo Wild Wings honey BBQ"

Carly: "BWW Spicy Garlic... perfect amount of heat with lots of flavor!"

Nicky: "TC Referee"

Mike: "I shouldn't tell people this in fear of them running out of wings before I get there but Otis' in Worthing has the best wings ever... Bwws sucks rocks compared to theirs. And only 35¢ on Wednesdays..."

John: "Jersey's in Madison.  Try the Chipotle bbq!"

Geoff: "Smokin' Johnny's in Lake Poinsett... wings smoked for hours not fried".

Tiffany: "Botskis right here in town! Their honey siracha wings are awesome :)".

Karen: "3rd street bar and grille in DeSmet has great wings and wed nite they r only 25 cents".

Duane: "Otis wings in Worthing are not bought frozen so they are fresh and bigger ( no freeze shrinking). And I prefer the wings with the two bones over the drummies"

Kassie: "Woody's! Marion road across from the Thirsty duck! If you go try the gold star sauce. They re cheap every NFL games 30 cents!!"

Melissa: "the Wing Stop!"

JD Collins joined the show this morning for a few minutes to discuss the kind of wings everybody goes for first.  The "one-boner" or the "two-boner"? Seriously??? Listen to this...


Okay, now for those who missed the posting on our Facebook page, here's your chance to comment, add your favorite wing joint, or to just heap praise on KIKN 100.5 and slather us with chipotle!

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