Name one famous marathon. Go ahead.

Was it the Boston Marathon? Thought so. Well let's call it the Grand Daddy of marathons and it will be held on Patriots Day Monday, April 16.

The Boston Marathon is fast approaching and once again there will be runners from around the globe participating in this the 122nd annual event. Plus many from South Dakota that are right here in Sioux Falls.

Among the over 30,000 who usually compete 38 runners from South Dakota are entered in the 2018 Boston Marathon. 20 live here in Sioux Falls. Including 61 year old Linda Duba who is returning to Boston.

"I stopped running marathons in early 1999 because my kids were getting older and I didn’t want to miss their activities. My daughters convinced me to come out of marathon retirement last year. “We’ll all qualify for Boston and run it together.” Thank goodness we did. I love to run but marathons are hard work."

~Linda Duba, Sioux Falls

And did you know not just anyone can lace up their sneakers and jump in this race? Nope. You have to qualify. Depending on your age you must have a previous race time within certain parameters.

According to the official rules NO bandit runners please!

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