OK. Let's be clear. They are all scams. You are not going to get anything from any big company for sharing their post. You are not going to get $75 bucks from Costco. You are not going to get a free vacation. You are not going to get money, gift cards, or any actual product if you "test-drive" a device or app. And you are definitely not getting any free beer.

According to The Balance, the “Free Coupon” scam has been around for a while. It works like this: You are promised free coupons at large retailers worth more than usual, or coupons for a free vacation. All you need to do is use your Facebook login on a site, and you'll get free stuff.

Not so much. The scammers are looking to steal your social media identity to use for their own nefarious reasons. And you get nothing.

Snopes.com puts it this way. “These web pages (which are not operated or sponsored by the companies they reference) typically ask the unwary to click what appear to be Facebook “share” buttons and post comments to the scammer’s site (which is really a ruse to dupe users into spreading the scam by sharing it with all of their Facebook friends). Those who follow such instructions are then led into a set of pages prompting them to input a fair amount of personal information (including name, age, address, and phone numbers), complete a lengthy series of surveys, and finally sign up (and commit to paying) for at least two “Reward Offers” (e.g., Netflix subscriptions, credit report monitoring services, prepaid credit cards).”

Long story a little bit longer...you ain't gettin' nuttin' fer free. So lets just all knock it off.

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