It doesn't matter if you are shopping here in Sioux Falls or about every other grocery store in the country, if you are buying produce you have to wrestle with those thin, almost non-existent, plastic bags on a roll.

There is no smooth way to open them. At least I haven't found one. Every time I grab one for my apples or tomatoes I feel like a bear cub with boxing gloves on. I just fumble with the little bag while everyone impatiently waits.

So I took my feelings of inadequacy to google. Google took me to who explained that it's 'quite easy' to open these little horror sacks. Here are their instructions:

“They open quite easily by pinching the unsealed end of the bag with thumb and forefinger, and then, while still pinching, moving these 2 fingers in opposite directions. This pulls the thin pieces of film apart to create an opening, which you can then pull apart and blow/shake open.”

First, I can never tell which end is the 'unsealed end'. Second, I'm not going into any public market to 'pull apart and blow/shake'. I have my standards.

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