What are some obvious things that personify America?  NASCAR, Mount Rushmore, Country Music certainly come to mind and so should Monster Trucks!

Monster Jam was in Sioux Falls for Veteran's day weekend and Kickin' 100.5 had a dirt level view.  While waiting to go out on the dirt for an interview, I snapped photos of Earthshaker during the two-wheel skills challenge.  As crazy as this event looks from the stands, it looks even more extreme when you see it from ground level!

As many times as I have seen the two-wheel challenge, it still amazes me that something so big and heavy can balance so gracefully on two wheels.  That's incredible driver skill and concentration right there!

I was standing behind a safety spotter from the United States Hot Rod Association.  He was looking for any problems with the trucks and he could speak with the driver via a headset.  If he saw a major problem with the truck, the spotter was holding a remote control that could instantly shut the engine down.

I've seen plenty of Monster Jam shows, but standing at ground level during the show was an awesome experience.  I can't wait for them to roll through Sioux Falls again!

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