You don't have to travel very far in and around Sioux Falls to realize that we are in the midst of yet another home construction boom.

That can only mean one thing - our population numbers are on the way up again.

In fact, on a new WalletHub list of the fastest-growing cities in America, Sioux Falls is one of two South Dakota cities among the 515 biggest places in the country.

The Mount Rushmore State's largest city grew 17 percent from the 2010 census to the latest population numbers, gong from 148,848 ten years ago to 174,151 now.

That's good for 198th on this list.

The only other South Dakota city to make the cut is Rapid City (#238), which saw a 12 percent population increase from 2010.

But in terms of where the real growth is in South Dakota, that list doesn't tell the complete story.

HomeSnacks, using the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau, found that two of Sioux Falls' neighboring cities, Harrisburg and Tea, are actually the fastest growing in the state.

Harrisburg went from a population of 3,559 in 2010 to 5,760 currently, an increase of 62 percent. If you go back to 2000, Harrisburg's has grown by an astonishing 501 percent (from 958 to 5,760).

Tea has increased from 3,453 people in 2010 to 5,098 at last count. That's an increase of slightly less than 48 percent.


  1. Harrisburg (62%)
  2. Tea (48%)
  3. Box Elder (22%)
  4. Brandon (20%)
  5. Sioux Falls (17%)
  6. Madison (13%)
  7. Spearfish (12%)
  8. Rapid City (12%)
  9. Brookings (11%)
  10. Huron (10%)
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