Whether delivered fresh daily to a restaurant, previously frozen at the neighborhood grocery store or pre-breaded and out of the frozen food aisle, one thing is for sure - we are eating a stringer of fish this time of year during Lent.

The number one choice for anyone who has access to a body of water would be to dine on fresh fish, right? Why wouldn't you? But for most, that choice isn't possible so you settle for the next best thing. And if there is a restaurant near you that features fresh daily delivered fish and seafood then by all means make a reservation now.

When you come home from the lake or river and fillet those beautiful walleye it's an automatic fish fry. Fresh, out of the water just hours ago. And it will be evident when you plate those fillets. They will be snow white when you cut into them.

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And what about the fish you pick up from your local grocery store? Some, maybe fresh delivered. Others could be previously frozen. I like to buy all-natural fish and preferably whole fillets.

But a sad memory of fish was always during lent while going to school. In the lunchroom, there they laid on your tray. Three breaded cod fish sticks. Iiiiiiiish! And who marries fish with iceberg lettuce, French dressing, and baked beans?

By the way, take a look at my list below of the fish that I've eaten. How many have you tried? You won't find crappie because that is one fish I have never fished for or eaten.

Red Snapper
Mahi Mahi
Orange Roughy

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