Lent is upon us and for some Christian denominations, this is a time for people to give up certain things in their lives as a way to acknowledge the sacrifices made by Jesus Christ.

There is a bar owner in Cincinnati who is giving up all solid food living on mostly beer.

My first thought when hearing about this was it's just an excuse to drink beer, but the guy is actually losing weight and he's raising money for a cause that is important to him.

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In an effort to keep the diet somewhat healthy, Hall mixes in a few other things in addition to the beer including water, black coffee, and herbal tea.

Hall told Fox 19 Now that including those things in his diet keeps things interesting.

"I only have three to five beers a day," Hall said. "It's not like I'm drinking constantly. If you eat your standard diet, it gets boring. You don't eat the same thing every day. So, I'm definitely not going to drink the same thing every day."

Hall tried his lenten beer diet for the first time in 2019 and it was so successful that he did it again in 2020. He claims to have lost about 50 pounds each time as well as seeing a drop in blood pressure and cholesterol.

On day six of his 2021 diet, Hall has already lost 12.8 pounds.

There is another reason Hall is doing his beer diet that hits close to home. He is raising money and awareness for local bars and restaurants in the Cincinnati area that have suffered losses from forced shutdowns of 'non-essential' businesses due to COVID-19.

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