I received an e-mail from a friend of mine who likes to play. She and her husband both garden, but Bonnie is the one who brings the garden into their home. She and a few other women gathered in her garage with their glue guns and you can see the results!

They began by hot gluing moss to the top of a pumpkin. Once again taking aim, they attached different succulents to the moss. Twisted vines give the centerpiece some height.

The picture below shows another idea. The pumpkin is very bumpy and was also embellished with pods and berries.

fancy pumpkin
Bonnie Tirrell/Used with Permission

Later, the tops of the pumpkins will be sliced off and placed in potting soil. As the pumpkin decomposes, the succulents should root in the soil.

If you have children or want to keep it simple, this idea may be for you. Gather small twigs, vines, pine cones, gourds, and small pumpkins. Use plain or colored burlap for a table runner. Pile the pine cones, gourds and pumpkins in a favorite basket.

For a little added sparkle, spray the pine cones and twigs gold before adding them to the basket. Add another layer of sparkle with miniature LED lights tucked under the burlap. A bonus is that the golden pine cones are ready to transition into your Christmas or Hanukkah decor!