At our house, we've been doing lots of socially distant cooking. We feel very blessed to have ample food in the chest freezer. Recently I pulled out one of those giant Costco Chicken Pot Pies.

I think the suggested serving size of one of these is 28...or there about. And even though there are only two of us in the house I thought I'd toss that bad boy in the oven. Who doesn't like leftovers and overs?

I heard one time that Costco takes the leftover Rotisserie Chickens that don't sell and that's what they use in their pot pies. I'm not sure how this can be the case as it always seems like the store is out of them by late afternoon if you try to find one.

The Chicken Pot pies run about $2.99 a pound and weigh around 5 pounds. That's a lot of good eatin'. So what exactly is in each pie. The best I could figure out is:

  • White Chunks of Chicken Breast (no gristle, I hate gristle)
  • Peas
  • Carrots
  • Onions
  • Seasoned Gravy
  • Flakey, Buttery Crust
  • Happiness and rainbows
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