Update: Tommy Overstreet passed away on Monday November 2, 2015. Tommy was 78. The following is a short piece I wrote in 2014:

Let's go back to the 1970's for a moment, shall we? It was a great decade in Country Music, the decade we were introduced to something called "Outlaw Country", all those great CB hits (Thank you C.W. McCall for "Convoy"!), and Conway Twitty just never missed with #1 hit's.

Then we had the guy out of Oklahoma City that sang all those "Lady" song's, remember? "Jeannie Marie (You Were A Lady)", "Ann (Don't Go Runnin')", and "Gwen (Congratulations)", along with so many other great hits.

Tommy had 11 Top Ten singles and, as mentioned above, Tommy was one of country music's biggest star's in the 1970's.

His name is Tommy Overstreet, but if you were a fan (and we all were!), you just called him "T.O."

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