A new guy hit the Country Music scene in 1974. And he hit it in a big way.

The first single T.G. Sheppard released shot right to the top of the Country Music chart. We didn't know at the time if "Devil In The Bottle" would be a one-hit kind of thing for this new guy, this T.G. Sheppard.

Oh, it was a great song alright, one of those great (and sad) drinkin' songs that country fans love. But could he follow it up or would this artist be one of those "one-and-done" fella's.

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Well, he answered that in a hurry when his follow up single, "Tryin' The Beat The Mornin' Home" went straight to Number One as well.

Nineteen more chart toppers followed, along with several Top Ten smashes, and T.G. Sheppard established himself as one of country music's biggest stars of the 1970's and 1980's.

So whatever happened to this great Country Music star?

Born William Browder in Humboldt, Tennessee in July, 1944, I'm happy to tell you that at age 78 T.G. is still touring and still recording great country music! T.G. is a friend of the radio station and we've talked to him often over the years. And he sounds just as great as he did on all those classics we loved, like "I'll Be Coming Back For More", "Do You Wanna Go To Heaven", "Party Time", "Last Cheater's Waltz" and so many more.

Oh, and by the way, if you're wondering what the "T.G." initials stand for? Not really anything. T.G. has said they're just, well, initials.

How about a trip back to 1974 and that very first great T.G. Sheppard hit.

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