With summer here its time to remember a few things that come under the heading of common sense.

Fluids, sunscreen, something on your head, pet awareness.

Temperatures are expected to climb to 100 degrees this weekend in South Dakota and all of the above items should greatly be observed.

On Wednesday we heard of a firefighter being taken to the hospital for heat exhaustion while battling a fire. Being on the job and spending long hours outdoors can take a toll on a person so be observant of yourself and those around you.

A highly rated sunscreen should also be in your arsenal. Stay lathered up. A sunburn is one thing. Skin cancer is a whole different situation.

Don't worry about getting that suntan! We live here in the Great Plains where half of the year its winter. Put your hat on!

And of course, pet owners need to exercise your animals but the heat can stress them out too. They need shade and water just like you.

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