You've heard it. And if you haven't, sometime this month or next you will.

"Hot enough for ya"?

That question comes around these parts every July or August. It might be in Sioux Falls, could be in Brandon, maybe Hartford, Yankton, Canistota or Crooks. You'll be out and about, either playing or working or just minding your own business. And it happens.

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The dumbest question that could be asked is...asked.

It's 96 degrees and the weather folks tell us it feels like 104. The dew point is up and you step out into what seems to be a war, damp blanket. It's humid. It's thick. It's close.

And yes, it's hot enough for me.

But I'm a summer person. There's basically two kinds of people, the summer people and the winter people. You can either stand the heat better or you prefer the cold. I'm a heat guy, but if you're a cold type, that's ok. You be you and I'll be me.

In these "dog days" of summer, just sit in the shade, sip a favorite beverage and think about those days that are pictured above. Think about that snowblower safely tucked away in the garage, right there behind the mower you just used. Think about that ice scraper you're hauling around in your trunk. Think about those weather folks who have put away the "heat index" charts and fired up the "winter storm warning" graph.

It'll help to cool you right down.

Hot enough for me? Yep. The "cold enough for ya?" question will be coming before we know it.

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