I had a chance to catch up with Ned Ledoux recently before his show in Humbolt, SD. We talked country music, life on the road, writing inspiration, and family.

We also played a quick game called: What Would Ledoux Do?  Or WWLD

I gave Ned of few options to pick from in some different scenarios and he told me What Ledoux Would Do.

Ned if you could have one of these vehicles which would you choose:

Kit the Trans Am from Night Rider

The Mystery Van from Scooby Doo

or The Batmobile from Batman

What would Ledoux Do?

Ned: Batmobile for sure

Ned you have to get on of the following forearm tattoos:

Eagle Tat

Cross Tat

Or a tattoo of a heart with someone’s name on it?

What would Ledoux Do?

Ned: Probably the eagle

Do you have any tattoos?

Ned: No tattoos, but I have a lot of scars

Ned you have to give 18 year old self advice that you would have to take:

What would Ledoux Do?

Ned: Probably don't start chewing

Ned Ledoux will be performing Saturday night April 22nd in Humboldt at Big J’s Roadhouse.

Tickets for the show are $15 in advance or $20 at the door and are available at Last Stop CD Shop in Sioux Falls, Big J’s Roadhouse in Humboldt or South Bar in Hartford.

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