TikTok may be the but of a lot of jokes, but it's become one of the best mediums on social media to get cool videos shared across the masses. It's also addicting to just keep scrolling, but we'll ignore that for now.

Even Ned LeDoux has gotten in on the TikTok action as of late. Last week he shared a cool moment where he got to put his name above his father's at the famous Billy Bob's Texas. You can see that here.



What an awesome tribute! You can really feel the father/son connection between the two. It's also awesome to hear them singing simultaneously. Not only is this kind of heartwarming, but I'd almost say that both of their versions are better than the original.

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Wait, they're both covering a song?

Yes, yes they are. The song that is part of their virtual duet is Tougher Than The Rest by Bruce Springsteen. You can hear the original here if you're not familiar.

Now it's one thing to cover The Boss, but it's another thing to actually take what he made and make it your own. They both increased the original tempo, and honestly, it sounds better. Nothing against The Boss, but I think Ned And Chris knocked the cover out of the park.

I really enjoy that this is a cover that Ned picked out that his Dad covered and did it himself. That's an awesome tribute and the video makes for something that we wish would be a full track.

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