There's something very cool about small towns. Maybe it's the fact that everyone knows each other, or that small towns tend to be the information hub and gathering spot for residents throughout a rural area.

There's no denying that most small towns are rich in history, and have a unique culture attached to them.

A small town is generally the place where people from a given area congregate to shop, dine, attend festivals, or gather on a Friday or Saturday night for a good old fashioned street dance.

Small town America is the perfect place to unwind after a tough day in the field or on the farm. A place for people to kickback, relax, grab a cold brew, a real steak, and get caught up on the latest gossip from around the area.

While it's true that many small, sleepy, little towns these days aren't what they once were, there are still many small little communities scattered around this great country that are very much electric and alive with activity and personality.

Outside of its residents, what typically defines a small town is its main street downtown area. Usually filled full of one of a kind little shops, five and dimes, greasy spoon diners, and what small town doesn't have at least one rowdy small town pub, right?

Best Choice Reviews recently ranked the Top 50 Best Small Town Downtowns in America and South Dakota was fortunate to have two of its small towns make the list.

Best Choice Reviews defined a small town as a city or town with full time residency of 15,000 or fewer citizens. The data used for this measure was the 2013 United States Census. Attention was specifically paid to those towns that have been named on a respected ranking list for Best Small Town, Best Main Street or Best Downtown.

In South Dakota, the two best little towns ended up being Deadwood at #49 and Spearfish at #47.

Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

Deadwood made the list thanks to its "wild west" feel. The downtown area is full of gaming, fine dining, and entertainment. It's not uncommon that you may even encounter an old-fashioned shootout on Main Street. Deadwood also boasts the fact that it has been previously named on two national lists for best small towns.

As far as Spearfish goes, Best Choice Reviews loved the fact that it's a town with an all-embracing attitude towards both a youthful energy and a downtown arts vibe. There are art galleries, theaters and musical performances. The town is home to Black Hills State University, which creates the feeling of a college town. The downtown area supports coffee shops, pubs, restaurants and shops. It also hosts a series of Friday night concerts during the summer and a Christmas parade each December.

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Source: Best Choice Reviews