As if having a baby isn't hard enough, imagine being held at gunpoint while being in labor.

That's what happened to a woman and her husband from Fort Dodge, Iowa earlier this week after refusing to pull over because they were speeding - to get to the hospital!

Not wanting to deliver the baby in the car, Rachel Kohnen and her husband Ben were making their way to the hospital at a high rate of speed (about 30 mph OVER the posted speed limit signs). Knowing that the baby was going to arrive at any moment, Rachel told her husband to keep driving, even after the police started following them with sirens and lights flashing.

Aware that they were speeding in order to get Rachel to the delivery room on-time, Ben called the 911 operator to let them know what was going on and why they were speeding. However, that call came too late. The police had already put down tire spikes, which caused the tires on the Kohnen vehicle to blow.

The officers then pulled their guns on Rachel and demanded that she get on the ground. It was THEN that they realized she was in labor.

The couple was driven to the hospital, where Rachel gave birth to her fourth child, a 10 pound baby girl they named Hazel.

Even though Mom and baby Hazel are doing fine, the Kohnen's vehicle will need some new tires. And while no charges were filed, the family is still waiting to find out if the County Attorney plans to charge them with failing to stop and speeding.

Imagine the story baby Hazel will have to tell when she grows up!

Source: Mail Online