None of us really knows what kind of jing Santa pulls down for his yearly wages. But it should be a lot! Some folks think that Chris Kringle only works two days a year. But,'s so much more!

The fine folks at have calculated that Santa's estimated salary should be $157,300. That's up 2% from last year. And boy he earns every bit of it! Look at how they broke down Santa's 2020 salary.

  • His job description includes:
  • Managing the workshop
  • Reading letters
  • Doing private investigative work to determine if kids are naughty or nice
  • Wrapping gifts
  • Caring for reindeer
  • Making deliveries

$157,300 a year to be the world's bringer of gifts, cheer, and hope seems a little slight to me. Of course, they don't mention if Old Saint Nick also gets a sweet benefits package?!

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