2020 has been a crazy year. And no doubt many South Dakota kids are wondering if Santa Claus will be stopping at their house this year during a global pandemic.

Well, the Sioux Falls Police Department has addressed that issue with the following Facebook post:

*IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT*: Thanks to our friends at the East Grand Forks Police Department who helped us get our paperwork in order and assisted us and be able to make this important announcement:

The Sioux Falls Police Department would like to announce to Sioux Falls community members a special announcement to all, but especially, to the children. There has been a great deal of concern about whether or not Santa will be able to come this year due to COVID.

We are joyful to announce that after careful consideration, Santa Claus's travel has been deemed ESSENTIAL & SAFE! Santa will be allowed to deliver presents to the children of Sioux Falls and to travel as he has done in the past across the nation and world.

To ensure proper social distancing we are asking all children to go to bed at an early time and NOT wait up for Santa. After speaking directly with Santa, he stated he would like DONUTS this year instead of cookies.

Sincerely, Santa & the Sioux Falls Police Department.”

Thank you SFPD!

SFPD Facebook
SFPD Facebook
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