During this almost 'downtime' that the CORONAVIRUS pandemic has created, many are searching for ways to kill some time while spending more time than normal at home. Friday morning on The Bobby Bones Show [weekdays 5:00 AM-9:00 AM on Kickin' 100.5] I overheard the crew talking about forced movie watching. It caught my attention. Here's what they were talking about. Digital Director for the Bobby Bones Show, Morgan Hulesman wrote;

Every so often the show members talk about the movies they've recently seen and it causes some forced movie watching with other show members.

Last year, the show was talking about the actress Bette Midler and Amy said her movie "Beaches" was a favorite, and Morgan2 said she had never seen it, but she had seen Midler in "Hocus Pocus." So Morgan2 had to watch "Beaches" and Amy had to watch "Hocus Pocus." Then earlier this year, we did a full show round of forced movie picks where things got a bit intense when some show members had to watch movies they weren't interested in.

So back for another round, Bobby, Amy, Lunchbox, Eddie, and Morgan2 all had to pick their 'second favorite movie' for someone else on the show to watch.

So, what is your 'go-to movie' that you think someone should have to watch? 

If I was going to suggest a movie that you should watch, is Tombstone. Like when Kurt Russell says, Go ahead, skin that smoke wagon and see what happens. Val Kilmer was epic in the movie too. EVERY stinkin' time it comes on, I watch it. Even if I catch when it's half over. There is a certain group of people that I could get together and watch the movie once a week with. So many great quotes in the movie!

How about you. What's the movie that you would FORCE me to watch? I'd love to hear. Right after you share this with your bored out of their minds friends, share this story with them. Maybe they'll give you a good movie to watch this weekend!

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