Sioux Falls Public Schools started classes for the 2021-21 school year Thursday, August 26. That means lots of parents will be dropping their kids off at school; that also means lots of older kids will be driving to school.

And that means very busy school zones. The posted speed limit in Sioux Falls School zones is 15 Miles Per Hour. If you get caught speeding in these zones not only could it cost you a lot of money it could cost someone their life.

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In a Facebook post from the Sioux Falls Police Department, they want you to know that “Speeding through a school zone is one way to turn a good day into a bad day.”

Here is how much it can cost you when speeding over the limit in a Sioux Falls School Zone...

  • 1 to 5 MPH = $112.50
  • 6 to 10 MPH = $152.50
  • 11 to 15 MPH = $192.50
  • 16 to 20 MPH = $232.50
  • 21 to 25 MPH =$272.50
  • 26+ = $382.50

The Sioux Falls School District includes 23 elementary schools, 6 middle schools, 5 traditional high schools, an alternative high school, a project-based learning academy, a career and technical education academy, one post-secondary technical institute, and all other district-owned facilities.

So the short answer is...Slow down.

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