Have you used the South Dakota DMV Now Kiosks? My wife and I use them every year to renew the registration on our vehicles. We tend to wait until the last possible minute to pay up and being able to walk into the Hy-Vee on Louise and get tabs at 10 pm on a Sunday is awesome.

My wife and I aren't the only ones who think the kiosks are a great thing. DMV officials told Dakota News Now that kiosk usage in South Dakota increased 180% over a 5-year period, reaching 148,483 users in the fiscal year 2021. Clearly, the kiosks are very popular.

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Up until now, South Dakotans could only renew tabs at a kiosk, but Dakota News Now reports that the state has made it possible to complete five different transactions at a DMV Now Kiosk. Users can update contact information, renew a driver's license, renew a vehicle registration, print a seller's permit, or report the sale of a vehicle.

This is welcomed news for those of us who either don't have the time or the desire to stand in an endless line just to do basic DMV-type things.

But that is only half of the good news. South Dakota DMV recently announced that they doubled the number of kiosk locations and they can now be found in 14 communities throughout the state.  A full list of kiosk locations can be found here.

Officials say the kiosk you use doesn't have to be in the county in which you reside. To use the kiosk, bring your South Dakota driver's license or ID card and a credit or debit card. No cash is accepted.

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