I'm not sure if this the best time to book that trip to Paris, France. Something called the 'French Stench' is invading England and it's making people sick. Oui!

A powerful stench of 'rotten eggs' is wafting through the streets and country side jamming emergency phone lines and creating lines at government offices.

France's Ecology Minister Delphine Batho, who cut short an official trip to Berlin to rush to the site of the leak, a chemical plant, said it was a harmless but nauseating gas smell.

I awoke to a searing headache and smelled an awful stench.  I woke my husband thinking he 'let one rip' and I opened the window only to find the smell was out there, too" - Florence G.

My word, Florence. Does that happen often?

By Tuesday evening the smell had largely disappeared in Paris.