I took a trip to Europe back in October of 2017. Of course, Paris was one of the major cities on the agenda. I knew for sure I wanted to see the Eiffel Tower, but other than that, I didn't have a preference.

We did a guided tour of the Cathedral. We wore headsets so we could hear our guide. The church is fully operational even though tourists are walking through it all the time. I loved having the guide teach us about all the history and architecture and art that we were seeing.

Do I remember a bunch of it now? Not all of it, but at the time I really enjoyed it. Thinking back, I wish I would have taken it in more. Really took the time to appreciate it. Hindsight is always 20/20.

Seeing The Notre Dame Cathedral on fire yesterday (April 16) was truly saddening for me. I was only in Paris for less than two days and in the Cathedral even less, but knowing how much that building has been through and knowing how it is the heart of Paris, it was really devastating to see it burn.

Fire Breaks Out At Iconic Notre-Dame Cathedral In Paris
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I know it's a church, but for me, I'm not religious at all, but no matter what your beliefs are, that building is honestly amazing. It literally took my breath away when I walked in. Pictures cannot do it justice.

In the aftermath of the fire, I'm so relieved to learn that the stained glass rose windows are intact (my favorite part)! I'm also relieved that the two front bell towers were saved and a lot of the art and artifacts were rescued.

Paris Assesses Damage Following Notre Dame Blaze
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I'm also filled with hope to see the French people (and the world really) come together in hope that Notre Dame can be rebuilt and restored!

I love that French President, Emmanuel Macron pledged to rebuild. He said, "This history is ours. It is burning. I say to you very solemnly tonight, this cathedral, we will rebuild it."

EDITORS NOTE: As of 11:00 AM, April 16, over $600 million has been raised to rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral.

Notre Dame Cathedral

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