Have you been wowed by Westworld? I know I am super late to hop on this train but I just finished season one and wow!

I am usually up on all things movie related and even though I have tried I'm not one to get sucked into a series.

When my appendix decided to tap out a year ago I decided to take the down time and see what Game of Thrones was all about. I thought it was OK and stuck with it because my options for entertainment were limited. I watched 3 seasons and decided I no longer cared if winter was ever coming.

I did dive into the deep end with Walking Dead and loved this series more than Thrones, but I walkered out early and walked away. The story and characters were fun, but it just wasn't enough to keep me interested.

A week ago I'm watching an interview on the Ellen Show and her guest was Evan Rachel Wood talking about the upcoming season two of Westworld.

After I watched the interview and clip teasing a new season, I looked up this season one trailer.

I then proceeded to use every spare second of my week to squeeze in the entire first season of Westworld. This series is beyond brilliant.

Searching out story lines worth getting lost in, and plots to get twisted up in has been one of my favorite things about our world.

Westworld has delivered one of the greatest gifts to story lovers I have ever watched.

I will profess my love for Thandie Newton, give a standing ovation to the incredible Anthony Hopkins, and the entire cast.

I feel like I want to send a thank you card to everyone involved in this show that has consumed my mind since the first 5 minutes of watching it.

I resisted the urge to watch the season two trailer before I got all the way through season one.

I got into a Westworld conversation with Hi Tech Tony the digital guru at the company I work for. I had no idea this series is based on a movie from the 70's that was based off of a book. It looks like I will saddle up for the weekend and take a trip to the land that inspired one of the most beautiful things I've ever watched on screen.

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