When there's a dinosaur on the sign, that's your first indicator you better do things right. It wasn't Jurassic Park, rather the Sioux Falls Landfill.

You would be surprised at the things people put in there. 

That's what one of the attendants at the Sioux Falls Landfill told me Tuesday morning. My mind started racing as I thought of some of the items that could be at the bottom of the cement pits people were backing up to.

I had a different load Tuesday morning. Just a mattress and box spring. If you check your calendar you know that I was sneaking in before the August 31 cut off date. My wife and I had loaded the items the night before.

Personally, I admit I get a little wigged out going to the landfill or "The Dump" here in Sioux Falls. I kinda don't like showing off my garbage or something I'm throwing out.

So, to make matters even worse I loaded the Kickin' Country truck up and headed west toward Wall Lake. I pulled in and noticed the sign. Mattress and Box Spring $9 each piece. I checked my wallet: $18 cash! We're good to go!

Then I looked closer at my pass and it said your first mattress and box spring are free. Double bonus!

I pulled in and one of the attendants had me back up to the dinosaur trailer and told me how he wanted them unloaded. I struggled with the tie down straps I use once a year (on my way to the dump) and unloaded.

They mentioned you would be surprised what people bring out, and what they dump in the wrong spots.

I mentioned the dinosaur on the sign and asked if he had put it there. He said "No Comment."

I liked it. It added a bit of humor to another ride to the dump.

Then I looked around and noticed a pink flamingo bungee strapped to a post. I kind of like the way these guys think!

He said he's seen people come all the way to the dump thinking they were going to unload an old TV (these go to the drop off spot on Cliff Avenue in Sioux Falls). Crazy thing, he said, they'll turn around, drive out on a gravel road and throw it in the ditch.

Note to self and everyone else: don't do that.

It did get me thinking. The landfill or the dump isn't a place that many people go more than once or twice a year. If you have a trip coming up it's a good idea to pull up the information and look it over before you head to the dump. That way you'll have enough money in your wallet when you pull up and a good idea that you'll be able to drop off what you brought.

Finally, I have to admit (maybe it was because I was driving the station vehicle), but the people working there are actually pretty friendly. Thanks to the crew working on the west side of town for making an otherwise traumatic experience for me, a little easier to deal with. Thanks!

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