For those who procrastinated or maybe forgot, the time is slowly slipping away to use a free pass to the City of Sioux Falls Regional Sanitary Landfill. The offer expires on Saturday, September 1.

Lump me into the procrastinator category on this one as the six bags of leaves and grass clippings have been patiently waiting in the garage since the April snows finally abated. Then there’s the stash of branches that have accumulated over the winter, spring and most of the summer that needed to be whittled down so the load could fit in the vehicle for its eventual ride.

The window of opportunity opened on April 2 and for five months I had better things to do apparently. In years past, the cutoff was in late July and it was a struggle to meet that deadline. Some things never change.

My 2018 load to the landfill consisted of branches, leaves and grass clippings. If your pass hasn’t been used yet, other household items can be taken as well. For a comprehensive list, the City of Sioux Falls as a handy guide to follow.

Just make sure the load is covered or that free pass won’t be very free. It’s a $25 fine by the way. Plus you are only allowed to use only one free pass. Taking the one your neighbor didn't use and double-dipping is just wrong.

Before you hit the lake or take in that sporting event, carve out a little time to utilize your landfill pass. Then you can truly enjoy your Labor Day weekend.

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