Every once in a while you pass by something being built along the road that makes you want to slow down and take a closer look. Sometimes, that thing that catches your eye is positioned so you can't really do that. Such is the case of a water tower or 'whatever it is being built just south of Sioux Falls along I-29.

Take a quick look to the west on your way to Tea or as you come into Sioux Falls and you'll see what I'm talking about. It's an interesting shape. As crews work on building a water tower sometimes they take interesting shapes. This one is that for sure.

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My son and I drove by it the other day. I had to go to the I-29 RV Super Center place to get a look. It was raining, so we opted out of trying to get closer for a better photo.

Oh, we did notice a couple of other things as well. As we turned on the road near Black Cat Pyro-City Fireworks I noticed that they had recently put an awesome hard surface down for their parking lot. What? No more trying to get a shopping cart full of fireworks to mini-van on the gravel parking lot? That should be nice. And that Big Gorilla they put out front should like sitting on a hard surface as well.

Crews are getting set to update the County Road into Tea, South Dakota as well. There is a load of new development underway in that area as well including, what I think is a water tower.

If you can verify it is indeed a Water Tower being built let me know in the Facebook comments!

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