I think pretty much everyone has been bit by the eBay bug at some point and time in their life.

If you're having a hard time locating that rare, hard to find item, you know, something like a "smokeless ashtray" chances are it can be found on eBay.

eBay recently did a study, analyzing the millions of purchases made over the past two years from each state in the U.S.

Some of the findings were right in line with the stereotypes you'd expect from the states in question.

Example, New Jersey buys the most cologne on eBay.  People in Colorado bought the most marijuana growing supplies, and Texans bought the most hunting supplies.

A couple of the states eBay buying habits were somewhat of a surprise however. For instance, New York is suppose to be a big anti-gun state right? Yet people in New York bought the most gun supplies. Oregon is supposed to be filled full of laid-back hippies, but people in that state love to use eBay for buying surveillance tools. Go figure?

In case you're wondering, people in South Dakota love their "tools." Per capita, more people in South Dakota buy tools on eBay than any other state in the nation.

Proving once again, you can never under estimate the popularity of a good circular saw, router or pair of pliers. Especially with people in the heartland.

Take a look at what each state is buying on eBay.

Source: Mashable