Flowers outside JD's House

For now, summertime in Sioux Falls is pretty! Pretty colorful that is. The recent rains (nearly 8 inches in 10 days) has made for colorful flowers around town. If you take a walk around the block or down the street tonight, just take a look, flowers are blooming everywhere.

We had a wet, wet June here in Sioux Falls. Our neighbors to the east in Iowa and Minnesota have had even more rain. It's made for closed roads in some areas (near Centerville, South Dakota) and numerous road closures in Iowa and Minnesota.

I was out in the yard the other morning so I grabbed the Samsun Galaxy S7 I use courtesy of Sprint in Sioux Falls and clicked a couple pics of this years flowers around our house.

How about you? Are your roses awesome? Pansies Perky?

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