If you're a pet owner or animal lover in general, I'm sure you'll agree that animals should be allowed to live much longer lives than they do.

The heartbreak of losing a family pet or cherished animal can be tough for some people. That type of heartbreak is being felt at the moment by the entire staff of the Bramble Park Zoo in Watertown, South Dakota.

Dakota News Now is reporting the zoo's white wolf named, Trigger has passed away.

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Trigger died on Thursday, (May 12) when zoo staff was forced to euthanize the animal after it had become extremely sick recently.

According to the Bramble Park Zoo Facebook page, the zoo conducted a wellness check on the animal on (April 28) but it didn't give their staff many answers at that time. Prior to the medical checkup, Trigger had been losing weight rapidly, not showing much appetite, and exhibiting abnormal behavior like removing himself from the pack.

The results of a post-mortem examination done on Friday (May 13) revealed that Trigger had developed metastatic cancer that spread into his lungs.

Trigger had been a guest of the Bramble Park Zoo since July of 2012 and had just recently finished celebrating his 10th birthday on (April 23).

The white wolf, along with his three brothers were sent to the Bramble Park Zoo in Watertown just a few months after being born in Bear Country, near Rapid City, South Dakota back in April of 2012.

Source: Dakota News Now/ Bramble Zoo Facebook


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