Storm chasers in the Lone Star State have had their hands full this year.

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I’ve known a couple of people over the years who were trained storm spotters, one of which was a full-on storm chaser. We worked together back in the mid-2000s and I would always pick his brain about chasing.

And he wasn’t a casual chaser, mind you. His pickup was decked out with all kinds of cool gear chasers use to pursue storms.

While it’s been years since I’ve seen him, I bet he’s still all about it (even though he had a close call one night that led him to think twice about doing any more chasing). But I can see how storm chasing can get in your blood. Not only is it a hell of a rush, but chasers also get the satisfaction of knowing they provide a valuable service to the community.

Last Friday (June 2), storm chasers sprung into action as severe weather broke out across west Texas and eastern New Mexico. Tornadoes, high winds, and large hail were reported across the region, according to Fox Weather.

So take a few minutes to sit back and watch footage of the storms from a nice, safe distance.

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