Members of The Bobby Bones Show shared what they are terrible at. Find out their answers below!

  • Bobby Bones – Wheel of Fortune. It could be one letter and he still would have no idea.
  • Eddie – Math. It’s been tough because his son is terrible at math too and he’s been trying to help him get better, but he struggles with it too.
  • Lunchbox – Rhythm. He’s super bad at staying on beat and rhythm in general.
  • Amy – Singing. She’s not great but she’s not terrible. Others said she’s bad at driving, staying focused, and not hitting walls when she walks down the hall.
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They also shared what their warning label would say if they came with one:

  • Eddie - “Feed this man or he’s about to get hangry.”
  • Lunchbox - “Stay back six feet, smell strong odor.”
  • Amy - “Watch out” it applies to her driving, walking, and scams.
  • Bobby Bones - “Vision impaired.”

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